Wondering what the HDFI was up this Fall? Here is a recap of Fall and Winter activities!
Fall 2013: The first season at the High Desert Farming Initiative

Upcoming Projects 
As part of the research and outreach efforts by the High Desert Farming Initiative, the following projects and classes are being offered. Information and data on the projects will be posted as the results become available.

Salanova Lettuce: Is it the right choice for Nevada?
The HDFI has received a Specialty Crop Block Grant to measure the efficiency of Salanova Lettuce in a high desert climate. Salanova lettuce has been said to significantly reduce harvest and packaging processes because the leaf lettuce is produced on a head lettuce core, making the core removable with just one single cut – leaving evenly portioned leaves.  It is a unique crop, previously only available in Europe, now available in the United States.
The HDFI is dedicating two hoop houses to the production of Salanova lettuce to evaluate the labor savings and differences in yields compared to other known lettuce varieties.

Cucumbers in Hoop Houses
In cooperation with the Specialty Crop Institute, the High Desert Farming Initiative will perform cucumber trials in hoop  houses this spring. We will demonstrate two types of trellising systems and perfect the art of individual packaging for sale to grocery outlets and institutions. A fact sheet on our efforts will be available this fall.